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RE-NEW proposes a new direction for unisex hairstyling. Remarkable by it’s simple, clean, elegant and beautiful yet well designed, functional branding.

The products work to nourishing, texturizing and strengthen the hair to result in better looking and healthier hair. The product you use, will help the Scandinavian environment and keeps your hair looking great all in one.

Re-New stands for performance based products, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. We develop performance-based haircare products with the best ingredients from nature.

Quality and sustainability are our superior goals.

The wax products contain 100% plant-based hydrogenated soy polyglycerides ( soybean ), candelilla wax, carnaua wax, berry fruit wax, hydrolyzed sunflower seed wax and vitamin E.

The ingredients are forming a stabilizing support for long-lasting weightless performance, give hair strength, body, moisturizing, texture and are also free from parabens, sulfate, mineral oil and microbeads!

 'As we grow, you grow’.
Thank you for being part of our journey.



Our products and knowledge will lead you to a better haircare routine. Re-New have RE-MOVED sulfates, parabens, micro beads and mineral oils out of there ingredients. We are improved and certified for GREEN SALON.


A sustainable value be doing good. Our concept RE-STORE the Scandinavian enviroment. Therefore the PROJECT GREEN is an important part of our DNA and supporting the 17 sustainable development goals for 2030.


It's not about the brand - it's about the style. Our products are ready to RE-STYLE. A new consistent formulation that can't be compared.


We believe and well designed functional packaging are going hand in hand with nature. Our apporach to products will
RE-THINK you style.


Re-New respects the environment and our natural resources. Our products and knowledge will lead you to a better haircare routine. No use of sulfates, parabens, micro beads and mineral oils. Re-New is VEGAN friendly and by definition do not contain ingredients of animal origin.

We understand it is not a perfect world, but we make an impact through the choices we make and the example we set. We believe in protecting and supporting our planet.

  Re-New is committed to supporting environmental surroundings from the North European forest. We believe that we can bring a soft footprint on the planet by planting a tree to create a soft balance with nature. For every tenth purchased product from Re-New, we are planting a tree in Denmark on your behalf. Become part of a positive impact movement and turn every single
Re-New product into tools that will benefit both people and the planet.

Certified for Green Salon

Green Salon is a Scandinavian certification that fights all substances that are harmful to the environment and health. All the product lists from Re-New Copenhagen have been examined and approved by Grøn Salon.

No allergenic or irritating

Products from Re-New Copenhagen is tested for allergies and irritation and do not cause any.


Our packaging and ingredients have been tested for environmentally harmful substances.

Grøn Salon

No carcinogens

Re-New Copenhagen's ingredient list has been tested for carcinogens. The products contains no carcinogens.

No endocrine disruptors 

The products from Re-New Copenhagen do not contain any endocrine disruptors.