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Soft Mud Paste Holiday Gift Box

Re-New Copenhagen Holiday Gift Box contains:

Balancing Shampoo N° 05 The balancing shampoo 2 in 1 cleanse impurities and product residue in a mild way and yet in an effective refreshing deep cleansing way.
Ingredients such as menthyl revives instantly refreshingly on the scalp when it's used while the delicious citrus scents meet you during the washing sessions.
Effective goals such as hydration, thickness, strengthening and healthier hair grow will be achieved with weekly loyal use of the shampoo. 

Texture Spray N° 07

Texture Spray N° 07 instantly builds up the volume. It creates body and a salty beach look with a matte finish, allowing you to add definition and shape to your hair. The key to restyle your look in an instant.

Soft Mud Paste N° 03 From now-on you can create the most diverse appearances. The Soft Mud Past N° 03 provides a natural look with the necessary dose of control and hold.